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Brooke Haven is up for another exciting activity. She invited her friend for a thrilling game that is not like any other. They are surely going to have an exciting time because the game is simple yet every win gives chills to the bones.

Presenting the hard-on target where they must accurately throw the rings at. Both Brooke Haven and her friend are already heated up to start the game. May the best sexy chic win!

Are you ready girlfriend? Brooke Haven is no stranger towards these kinds of games. She is very keen when it comes to shooting at large cocks like the target in front of them.

See how skilled they are when it comes to shooting rings at big cocks. Hard-on cocks can interestingly boost a girl’s accuracy. No wonder they too are very accurate when it comes at hitting soft spots during blow jobs.

They were skilled enough to do it while the target was standing. Now, it is time to test their skills while the target is lying on the floor and still long and hard. You can see that Brooke Haven is already having naughty ideas in her running in her head.

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Brooke Haven was raised in Sonora California which is in Northern California. At 19 she moved to the big city (San Fran) to become a stripper at Deja Vu. After 3 years she moved to Phoenix and became friends with porn star Lexie Marie. When Lexie Marie became a porn star Brooke went to Southern California to visit and decided to make the transition from stripper to adult film actress. Things went well for Brooke as she has appeared in about 200 feature films.

Home: California
Birthday: November 25, 1979
Measurements: 34c-26-34
Height: 5’2
Weight: 122 pounds
No Official Site.

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Brooke Haven and her friends are going to spend another naughty day by exploring each other and with some hard dick support. First of all, they need to boost the lustful senses by helping each other take off their clothes.

They are enjoying every second of the moment their clothes are being taken off. It just proves to show that when Brooke Haven is around, there will surely be a wild party in store for you.

These girls know how to enjoy a warm sunny day. Going naked and pouring each other’s behinds with cool water gives them a sense of refreshment inside. Sooner of later they’ll be hot enough to go naughty.

Brooke Haven and her friends are really having a wild party. These hot gentlemen will try them on for size by first taking off their clothes to reveal their sexy bodies. While doing so, the girls are already too excited to touch their cocks.

The girls could not wait anymore. They rushed to lower the pants of the hot gentlemen and sucked their hard-on dicks. These three sexy ladies would have to share their new found play toys.

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Brooke Haven is too hot to handle. She loves to play around either wet or dry but she loves it most when she’s totally wet. You could already see what’s behind that garment of hers.

Brooke Haven loves to play with boys and girls. She really can’t get enough from being played around by her co-gender partners. No man or woman has ever complained when it comes to Brooke Haven.

Brooke Haven and her friend really know how to get naughty in front of the camera. By showing off those sexy bodies of theirs, a man can really get horny to want to get a taste of their pussies and behinds.

She wants to feel it more and more. Brooke Haven and her friend explore each other’s bodies. Brooke Haven licks her tits while her pussy is being licked by her partner.

Brooke Haven is not contended with just some licks out of her pussy. She wants it hard with a real cock. She loves each thrust that is given to her.

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Brooke Haven and her friend was just having a friendly chat until the situation went perfectly naughty. They fantasized each other’s bodies and talked about whether how sweet each other’s bodies were.

She shows off her boobs and begins to let her friend touch them on for size. Her friend tries to make Brooke Haven horny by touching and squeezing her large breasts.

Brooke Haven doesn’t stop there. While keeping on touching her breasts, she licks and bites the nipples of her friend to make her feel good. Her friend surely is having a pleasurable time with this horny star.

She finds a man and immediately sucks his dick. She can really suck a dick like no other. Each time she sucks his dick, it makes him want to fuck her good and hard.

Fuck it hard! Brooke Haven is enjoying every single thrust that her sex partner is giving her. Too add more pleasure, she touches and squeezes her large breasts. She is totally in it and loving every second of it.

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Brooke Haven and Regan Reese are in for another group sex sensation. This shot shows how compatible they are and how they are a delicious duo when it comes to having a wonderful fucking time.

Brooke Haven and Regan Reese invited some friends along to join them as they are going to have a breathtaking fucking moment of their lives. They greeted each other then let the party begin.

First, the two beautiful ladies go nude and horny. They first explored each other while waiting for their men to make their dicks long and hard.

Both Brooke Haven and her friend are getting a hold of each of their partner’s hard on dicks and sucked it really good. They suck it well enough to later receive a big cum facial of their lives.

Brooke Haven loves it while his man fucks her using bareback style. She gets into the mood by pleasurably shouting and screaming for some more and to never stop until she goes for her orgasm.

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